The Meaning of Flowers and their Colours
1st Jul 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

The Meaning of Flowers and their Colours

Flowers are a great way to show your emotions when words just aren’t enough. You may think flowers just live in gardens or as a decorative piece in your house, but they can be used for a lot of other things as well. Over time flowers have each developed their own special meanings. Due to this, they can be used as a gift for different events and occasions as well as to express your feelings towards those people you hold close in your life.

At Wild Poppies, we have a range of flowers available for all types of events and occasions. Before you pick your flowers it’s important to check the meaning behind them. Here’s the meaning behind some of our most popular flowers.


This flower is centred around happiness and its meaning stems from the daisy family which is associated with beauty. The meaning of gerberas is innocence, purity and cheerfulness. This flower comes in a range of colours which is perfect for adding colour to your environment. Some of the colours we usually have available at Wild Poppies are yellow, red and pink.

Yellow gerberas symbolises cheerfulness, pink symbolises admiration, and red symbolises love. In Egyptian culture, these flowers also mean devotion and closeness to nature. Additionally, they are also symbols of overcoming grief and are all about celebrating life as they bring sunshine and warmth into your home.


Tulips are reminders of the summer and spring. It’s an ideal flower to gift and keep in your home to brighten up your day. At Wild Poppies we often have purple, orange, yellow, white and pink tulips available. Or if you want a variety of colours you can go for one of our mixed tulip bags too.

Yellow tulips represent unrequited love and are linked to neglected or forgotten loves as well. Purple tulips are associated with royalty, abundance, and are symbols of rich and lavish lifestyles. Pink tulips symbolise affection and love directed towards friends and family. Tulips are also considered to be symbols of the 11th wedding anniversary, used as decoration at weddings and in bridal bouquets. Giving tulips as a gift to your loved ones is a great way to show your admiration.


For occasions such as anniversaries, funerals, or to show empathy, lilies are a great option. Additionally, it’s also a wonderful flower to give to celebrate someone’s milestone in their life such as graduation or a promotion. At Wild Poppies, we usually have white and pink lilies available. White lilies represent purity and modesty. They’re usually used for funerals, sympathy, or condolence messages. They can also be used to convey purity of love and commitment in a marriage. Pink lilies mean love, admiration, compassion and femininity. These are usually used to show your mum, aunt or sister some love. Lilies are a popular gift choice due to their diverse symbolism.

Red roses

Each colour of the rose has its own special meaning attached to it. The red rose is by far the most popular. If you’re looking to express your love and affection there’s no better flower than the red rose. Over time it has remained symbolic for showing your passion for that special someone. It represents “I love you” without you having to say anything. This is why it’s also the best flower to give your other half on Valentine’s Day.

While each colour expresses love, beauty and balance a little differently, the main message always comes back to expressing love. At Wild Poppies, we have a range of red roses available. From boxed red roses to a single red rose to a garden of red roses in a vase, you can find the perfect rose for that special someone.


These flowers are known for their stimulating scent and beautiful appearance. Hyacinth flowers are associated with sincerity, rashness, jealousy, sorrow and sports activities. Ancient Victorians considered the Hyacinth flower to be a symbol of sport activities and sport in general. As it represents sincerity it’s a flower that can be gifted to almost anyone.

Purple hyacinths are a symbol of spirituality, royalty, and sometimes sorrow. Red hyacinths are a symbol of recreation and play time, as well as passion and love. The main purpose of the hyacinth is to teach us to be more playful and enjoy life. You can also give this flower on occasions such as supporting a fresh start or to recognise prayers of hope.


Sunflowers are associated with warmth, positivity, power, strength, and happiness. This is due to its resemblance and connection to the sun. The orange and red sunflowers represent strength and positivity whereas the more yellow shades represent happiness and long life.

Sunflowers can also represent long life because they can survive some of the warmest days of summer by standing tall. Sunflowers also mean good luck in Chinese culture, another reason why they’re a great gift. The sunflower is all about focusing on the positive things in life, standing tall, and following your dreams. At Wild Poppies, we have a range of sunflower bouquets available make sure to check them out.


These flowers symbolise trust, love and friendship. Giving someone this flower can mean you trust them or that you want to show your honesty. It’s also the best flower to give to a close friend to represent your true bond. Freesias also represent thoughtfulness and that you care for the person you’re giving these flowers to.

White freesias represent innocence and purity when used at weddings. For this reason, they’re also popular for centre pieces at weddings to add colour to the occasion and you might see flower girls carry freesia filled bouquets. Most of the colour symbolism that other flowers have such as red for passion and yellow for joy also apply to Freesias.

Whether you’re looking for a flower to give to your loved ones or celebrate an occasion, Wild Poppies have a variety of options available for you. Give us a call on 0800 809 453 if you want to know more about the perfect flower for your occasion. 

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