Should I Buy Father’s Day Flowers?
29th Jul 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

Should I Buy Father’s Day Flowers?

Each time September rolls around and the Father’s Day adverts start popping up on our screens, the panic begins of “what should I buy my dad this year?” Instead of going for the usual mug or tie he’ll never likely use, why not change things up by buying him flowers?

You might be thinking, flowers for my dad? Isn’t that too feminine? Absolutely not! Males can enjoy flowers and plants just as much as females. With endless varieties and colours to choose from, there’s bound to be a flower that your dad will love.

Are flowers an appropriate Father’s Day gift?

Buying your dad flowers for Father’s Day is a unique way of showing how much you care. As this day is all about celebrating their hard work, he’ll undoubtedly appreciate the effort you put into selecting the gift.

Knowing what to say on Father’s Day can sometimes be tricky. As much as we want our dads to know how much we love them, not everyone enjoys a conversation full of feelings. Rather than getting too emotional, flowers are a perfect way to express appreciation through their various meanings. 

For more information, read our article “The Meaning of Flowers and Their Colours”.

Flowers are also an extremely practical gift. While they may not last forever, your dad will certainly get some good use out of them. Whether that’s acting as a stunning fresh décor piece in his house or being a lovely addition to his office, the beautiful and vibrant nature of flowers will certainly go a long way.

What type of flowers are a good Father’s Day gift?

Believe it or not, red and white roses are the traditional flowers associated with Father’s Day. Although red roses are generally gifted on romantic occasions, they can be used to express any form of love, including the love for a father. 

The addition of white roses in the arrangement emphasises remembrance in regards to the memories you have shared. If your dad’s old-fashioned, this may be the best option for you.

While roses might be a historical classic, not all dads will favour them over other flowers. When picking a Father’s Day gift, it’s essential to keep in mind your dad’s tastes and preferences. If he has a favourite colour or a favourite place, you may want to try find a flower that associates with this. Or even simpler, if you know he has a favourite type of flower, that’s the one you should get.

If nothing comes to mind, here are some flowers that your dad is most likely to enjoy:

  • Tropical plants such as heliconia flowers and red anthuriums are an ideal gift for any man. Their smaller blooms and evergreen foliage makes for a more masculine appearance. Both of these flowers would look lovely on your dad’s desk or table.
  • Succulents and cacti can also be considered more on the 'manlier side' in terms of appearance. You can generally purchase these aesthetic plants in either a ceramic pot or in a glass terrarium. In addition to looking great they only need to be watered once a week, so your dad won’t likely accidentally kill it.
  • As spring approaches, tulips come out right in time for Father’s Day. These bright flowers are all about spreading happiness, making them a perfect gift for your dad on his special day. You can go all out with a mixed bunch of tulips or convey a specific meaning by picking a particular colour. Accordingly, red tulips are an ideal way to show your dad you love him, and yellow tulips express cheerfulness.
  • Likewise, sunflowers are a great flower to brighten your dad’s day or help show him how much he brightens your life. These gorgeous flowers will look stunning in whatever room he chooses to place them in.
  • If your dad is quite a minimalistic guy with a slight soft spot, white orchids or lilies are a good option. Their simple and elegant appearance isn’t too overwhelming and expresses the notion of remembrance for the times spent together.
  • For those dads who like to cook, you may want to gift an assortment of herbs. Not only will they look good in a lovely vase, but he can use them while he makes dinner.
  • Lastly, larger plants such as ferns can be a good Father’s Day present if your dads into gardening. You can gift the plant in an indoor pot and he can later repot it outside.

What are other good Father’s Day gifts?

In addition to flowers, there are various other gifts you may want to also include (or buy instead if he’s not a floral guy). Remember always to consider his interests and preferences when deciding what to get, as gifts don’t always suit everyone. That said, there are some presents that dads generally will always enjoy, such as:

  • His favourite food and snacks.
  • A new wallet.
  • A voucher to his favourite restaurant.
  • New shoes.
  • cake.
  • A subscription to a men’s magazine.
  • A massage voucher.
  • A new book.
  • Beer or wine.
  • A new watch.
  • A shaving kit.

Don’t stress about spending excessive amounts when it comes to Father’s Day. Your dad will appreciate any time and effort that you put into making the day special.

What are good Father’s Day messages?

As mentioned earlier, knowing what to say on Father’s Day can sometimes be tricky. As the occasion occurs every year, we don’t want to sound like we’re on a constant repeat. Rather than worrying about saying it all in person, writing a simple heartfelt message with your gift or flowers is a great idea. Such messages could include:

“Dear Dad,

Thanks for always being there for me. I appreciate you and all that you do.

Happy Father’s Day."

- Love Megan

“To Dad,

You’re the best dad and friend I could ever ask for.

Happy Father’s Day."

- Love Tom

“Happy Father’s Day,

May these flowers brighten up your day, like you always brighten mine.

Love you lots. Hope to see you soon."

- Love Laura.

“Dear Dad,

Today we celebrate you, and all the other dads out there.

I appreciate and love you so much."

- From Jack.

We hope you’re feeling a little more inspired with your Father’s Day gift ideas this year. Remember don’t stress, it’s the thought that counts!

If you need any further assistance picking the perfect flowers or gift, don’t hesitate to come see us in store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us on 09 357 6161.

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