New Zealand Winter Flower Guide
5th Aug 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

New Zealand Winter Flower Guide

As winter approaches and the temperature starts to drop, not all flowers will continue to bloom. Don’t worry though! This doesn’t mean it’s the end of floral gift giving. There are still many other varieties to choose from during winter.

To make sure you're sorted with all you need to know about buying flowers in winter, read our New Zealand Winter Flower Gift Guide below.

What flowers are available at NZ florists during winter?

As much as florists would love to have year-round access to every flower, the weather simply doesn't allow it. Instead, only specific flowers are available during the winter months. While we can't guarantee that availability will be the same every year, typically you can find the following varieties during winter:

With this long list of stunning varieties, you can see why flowers continue to be a great gift idea during winter.

How should I care for my flowers in winter?

During those gloomier winter months, flowers are an ideal way to brighten your office or home. Unfortunately, with this season comes drier air and fluctuating temperatures that can cause flowers to wilt quickly. To avoid this happening, here are our top tips for caring for flowers in the winter:

Keep flowers away from heat sources

When it starts to get colder, keeping your house warm becomes a top priority. As you begin to turn on the heat pump or light the fire, avoid placing your flowers directly under or next to the heat source as this can cause them to droop quickly.

Regularly change the flowers' water

Flowers absorb the water they're placed in, so it makes sense to want it to be as fresh and clean as possible. Accordingly, changing the water every few days will decrease the likelihood of the flowers being killed by bacteria. If the water looks discoloured or cloudy, you need to change it ASAP – but preferably don't let get it this bad in the first place. 

Trim the flowers' stems

To help cut flowers last as long as possible, we suggest trimming the dead ends. By cutting off the bottom of the stems every two days, it'll be easier for the flowers to absorb the nutrients in the water.

Use flower food

Make sure to use the small square packet of flower food that often comes with your arrangement. This food is designed to provide the flowers with nutrients as well as keep the water bacteria-free.

While the tips mentioned above are typically suitable for all flowers, there are specific winter varieties that need special care. Such as:

Chrysanthemums: make sure to remove any wilting foliage.

Calla Lilies: handle delicately as their petals can bruise easily.

Daffodils: don't cut their stems, as they release a substance that shortens their lifespan.

Freesia blooms: keep them in room-temperature water.

Gerberas: place them in distilled water.

Roses: remove any discoloured petals.

For more information, read our article "Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Flowers Fresh".

What flowers are appropriate to gift during winter?

With a large number of flowers still available during wintertime, picking what arrangement to gift isn't any easier during this season. As each flower has a slightly different meaning, it's essential to consider what you're trying to express through your thoughtful gesture.

While almost any arrangement will make for a lovely gift, some varieties are more suitable for the occasion than others. 

For more information, read our article “Gifting Flowers - Which Flowers Are Appropriate for the Occasion?”.

To help you pick the most appropriate gift, check out our suggestions below.

What flowers should I buy to say thank you during winter?

Flowers are a unique way to express thanks. With yellow being the floral colour of friendship, yellow roses or yellow tulips are an excellent choice for thanking a friend. For a universal option, gerberas are always a winner – especially if you get them in the recipient's favourite colour.

What flowers are an appropriate wedding gift during winter?

Although weddings are already filled with many stunning floral arrangements, the happy couple will totally appreciate a bunch of celebratory flowers being sent to their house. Calla lilies are a great choice as they're traditionally known to wish the bride good luck. Similarly, white roses are a superb option to convey new beginnings.

What flowers are an appropriate anniversary gift during winter?

Your partner will undoubtedly appreciate a beautiful bunch of anniversary flowers. As red and pink roses symbolise love, these are an ideal way to show your affection. Likewise, admiration can also be expressed by gifting pink gerberas or red tulips.

Depending on the number of years you have been married, you could also follow the traditional wedding anniversary flower guide. With the seasonal availability of flowers in mind, this is only an option if you're celebrating your first, 10th, 25th or 30th anniversary.

Accordingly, your first anniversary is historically celebrated with carnations as they represent passionate love – but make sure to avoid gifting yellow carnations as these express disappointment. Likewise, the 10th year of marriage can be acknowledged by gifting your partner daffodils as they encourage you both to reflect on the life you have created together. Reaching 25 years of marriage is then celebrated with irises as they convey the strength of your relationship. Lastly, if you're entering a significant 30 years together, lilies should be your go-to option.

Nonetheless, always remember to keep your partner's tastes and preferences in mind. If they have a favourite colour, they'll certainly appreciate you getting them an arrangement that reflects this.

What flowers should I buy for a date during winter?

Whether you're planning on going for a romantic ice skate or sitting in a cosy cafe, we encourage you not to gift flowers on the first date. Instead of coming across as too pushy, wait until you've been out a few times.

When the time feels right, orchidspink tulips and gerberas are ideal options as they're not too overwhelming. The symbolism of these flowers is also suitable with orchids conveying beauty and subtle love, pink tulips signifying happiness and gerberas representing cheerfulness. We also suggest bringing the flowers to the recipient's door, so they don't have to carry it around the entire date.

What winter flowers should I buy to celebrate a new baby?

Welcoming a new life is such an incredible occasion to celebrate. When deciding on an appropriate flower arrangement, daffodils or lilies are an ideal option as they convey gentleness and new beginnings.

What flowers are an appropriate birthday gift during winter?

When deciding what birthday flowers to gift, it's best to consider the recipients favourite colour or choose an arrangement that reflects them. For instance, you could gift yellow tulips to convey your friendship or opt for bright anthuriums to emphasise their vibrant personality.

If the recipient is born in June, you're in luck, as the traditional birthday flower for this month is a rose – which you'll find plenty of in winter.

Also, keep in mind that birthday flowers aren't only for females. Your dad, brother or boyfriend, may also appreciate a lovely bunch of flowers or an aesthetic potted plant. With many masculine options available such as a terrarium or a sculptural red bouquet, there's bound to be something he'll enjoy. 

For more information, read "Buying Flowers for Him".

What flowers are an appropriate get-well gift during winter?

When someone is sick, we often feel completely helpless. Although flowers aren't going to offer a miracle cure, they're an excellent way to brighten their day.

If the recipient is at home, green roses are a great choice as they express best wishes for recovery. On the other hand, if they are currently in the hospital, irises are your safest option as they aren't highly fragrant and symbolise hope and strength.

What flowers are appropriate for a funeral in winter?

When choosing a funeral arrangementchrysanthemumswhite lilies, white roses, and orchids are an ideal way to express your condolences during a time of loss. Before gifting, it's best to check with one of the family members as some religions such as the Jewish faith, consider flowers at the funeral home to be inappropriate.

What winter flowers should I send to someone who is grieving?

During a period of grief, flowers can be very comforting. At this time, white lilies or white roses are a suitable option to gift as they express empathy. With any arrangement you choose, it's best to send an accompanying sympathy card

For more ideas, read our article "Message Ideas for Sympathy Flowers".

What winter flowers can I use to say sorry?

Although gifting flowers won’t give you a guaranteed ticket to forgiveness, it does show the recipient how much you care. With blue hyacinths symbolising peace-making, they're a perfect choice to gift when wanting to express apologies. Likewise, orchids not only look beautiful, but they'll help to convey any regret. If the recipient happens to be a romantic partner, gifting 15 red roses is an old-fashioned symbolic gesture to say that you're sorry.

What winter flowers should I give to congratulate someone?

Whether the recipient completed a marathon or graduated university, flowers are a fantastic way to say congratulations. When deciding what arrangement to give, orange roses or mixed tulips are a lovely option. You may also want to add that extra personal touch by including a congratulations gift card.

What winter flowers should I give to someone who is leaving?

If you're saying farewell to a close friend, yellow tulips or yellow roses are a great option. For other recipients such as co-workers, gerberas or tulips are a suitable choice.

What gifts go well with flowers during winter?

If you're celebrating an extra special occasion or are just feeling generous, you may want to include an additional gift with your flower arrangement.

With the cosiness of winter comes the perfect opportunity to enjoy some down-time, which means pamper packs or candles are ideal gift ideas. During the colder months we also tend to really enjoy the comfort of food, so why not treat your special someone to their favourite snackscake or chocolate?

With red wine being the key ingredient in mulled wine, gifting a bottle is a fantastic idea. After heating it and adding a few spices, they'll have themselves an ideal winter's drink. You may even want to go the extra mile and gift a mulled wine serving set.

Books are also a wonderful gift during winter as we often spend more time inside hiding from the wind and rain. You can make the experience extra cosy for them by giving them a soft blanket or warm pair of slippers.

Another great idea is gifting a voucher. Whether it’s a double pass to a boutique cinema or booking them in for a hot spring soak, the recipient will definitely feel spoilt.

We hope you’ve realised that the ability to gift flowers certainly doesn’t stop in wintertime. With many varieties still available, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the perfect gift.

If you have any more questions, see us in-store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us 09 357 6161. 

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