​Flowers for Different Personality Types
17th Jul 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

​Flowers for Different Personality Types

Just as every flower variety differs, each recipient has their own unique tastes and preferences. While this may seem like things just got a whole lot more complicated, it’s best to use this knowledge to tailor your gift as best as possible.

To help you do so, our flower gift guide below matches different personality types with flowers that suit them best.

The creative one

From painting, to dancing, to capturing photos of the sunset - these types of people are full of creativity and love to express themselves.

Used as a muse by many artists, irises are the perfect flower to gift to creative individuals. Their typically blue or yellow sword-shaped leaves help to symbolise the artistic talent of the recipient.

Depending on the recipient’s interests, you may want to give an accompanying gift that will enhance their ability to create. Whether that’s a journal or paint set, the recipient will appreciate the thought you’ve put into the present.

Message Idea:

“Dear Tim,

Just as the irises inspired Van Gogh, your work inspires me.

Thanks for helping me with my art project.

From Carla.”

The dreamer

If you catch them fantasising over sci-fi movies, or becoming absorbed in every novel that they read, these people are likely the dreamer type. They’re imaginative and easily excited.

Let these recipients live out their dreams by gifting them roses. Depending on your relationship with them, the colour of the roses will, however, differ. Pink roses can be used to show admiration, yellow roses are perfect for thanking a friend, and red roses are an ideal gift for a lover.

Any additional gift will, therefore, vary depending on the colour of the rose. Ideas may include novels, move tickets, candlescupcakes, or wine.

Message Idea:

“Dear Joanna,

It’s been a lovely six months with you.

May there be many more to come.

Love, James.”

The one who’s always travelling

We all have that one friend, cousin, or sibling that is always travelling. Whether it’s for work, vacation, or a constant search to 'find themselves', this person never seems to be at home for longer than a few weeks. They’re a bit quirky, quite the go-getter, and enjoy learning and experiencing new things.

Rather than getting this recipient a classic flower arrangement, their busy nature is more suited to that of a cactus plant or succulent, which requires less care. Gifting them a terrarium or a potted cactus will mean less maintenance, as well as have them intrigued by its unique shape and appearance.

As someone who will likely be spending a lot of time on a plane in the future, an excellent accompanying gift would be a book. An exciting novel or interesting true-story will be a perfect way to pass travel time, especially on those long-haul flights.

Message idea:

“Hi, Sarah,

Welcome back.

Here’s a little something to make your place start to feel a bit more like home again.

Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures.

Love, Megan.”

The positive one

As much as we all try to be optimistic thinkers, it seems that some people were blessed with positivity in their DNA. They’re always smiling, and nothing seems to get them down.

To symbolise their glowing personality, sunflowers are perfect for these positive recipients, with their big yellow petals and vibrant orange centres making for a stunning gift.

Positive people generally are hugely appreciative of any gift, so don’t stress about being too fancy with extra presents. To keep it simple, cupcakes are always a good option.

Message idea:

“Dear Rose,

Your positivity is contagious.

Thanks for always being a fantastic friend.

From Laura.”

The easy-going one

Similar to positive people, an easy-going recipient is the ultimate definition of chill. You don’t typically see this person show any signs of stress as nothing seems to bother them too much.

Just as easy-going people manage to stay calm in both the ups and downs, tulips do a great job at blooming on both cold and sunny days. To emphasise the recipient’s relaxed attitude, these flowers are an ideal gift.

Again, you’re not going to want to worry too much about an extra gift, as these types of people will appreciate it regardless. If you do decide to add a little something, you can never go wrong a hamper filled with their favourite food.

Message idea:

“To Fiona,

I hear there’s a bun in the oven.

All the best with your new bundle of joy.

We hope you enjoy these goodies.

Love from Jim and Kate.”

The luxurious one

While some like to keep things low-key, there’s always one that needs everything to be extravagant. From fine dining, to front row theatre seats, this person knows how to do things in style. They’re usually confident, neat, and very particular.

The ideal flower for a luxurious recipient is an orchid. Known for their elegance, beauty and grace, this flower is the perfect gift for them. It’s unique shape, vibrant colour options and the fragrant scent makes for both a stunning décor piece and an incredibly thoughtful gesture.

To emphasise the luxurious nature of the gift, a pamper pack would be an ideal addition to the orchid. From a skincare set to a deluxe cupcake hamper, adding an extra bit of indulgence to the mix will go a long way.

Message idea:

“Happy birthday Mackenzie,

May today be filled with happiness and celebration.

We hope you enjoy these treats on your special day.

Love from Wendy and Rob.”

The one that always smells nice

These are the people that just always smell amazing. Whether it’s a sign that they’re high maintenance or that they were somehow born with fragrant B.O, these types of recipients should ideally receive flowers that also have a beautiful scent.

While several flower varieties have a lovely smell, gardenias are a great way to go. Their bright colours, pretty petals, and sweet scent make for a great gift.

To go with its sweet smell, you may want to treat the recipient by adding some candles or a room perfume to the gift.

Message idea:

“Dear Sophie,

Thanks for being such an awesome co-worker for the last two years.

All the best with your new job.

From, Brodie.”

The spontaneous one

These are the people that are always up for an adventure. From 2am hikes to chilly winter dips, this recipient is all about living in the moment.

To represent this mentality, peonies are an ideal gift. Despite their stunning appearance, they don’t usually last longer than a week - perfect for someone all about living in the 'now'.

If you want to spice up the gift, it’s a good idea to add a bit of adventure. Whether you write a note promising to join for the next trek or buy them a voucher for a high ropes course, spontaneous people will appreciate any adrenaline.

Message idea:

“Dear Ronnie

Congratulations on the promotion.

I know you love a bit of an adventure, so here are two tickets to the high ropes course.

I hope you enjoy it.

From Tina.”

The helpful one

Last, but not least are the extremely helpful recipients. These are the ultra-caring people that go above and beyond to help others.

To represent their supportive nature, hydrangeas are most suitable as just like the recipient; these flowers help other flowers to bloom. A stunning mixed hydrangea arrangement will, therefore, make a terrific gift.

Since these people love to share, a cake is a perfect accompanying gift as they’ll feel joy in knowing that others can also enjoy its delicious taste.

Message idea:

“Dear Len

Thanks for your help last weekend.

Really appreciate your giving attitude.

Enjoy the flowers.

From Drew.”

Although these suggestions may not work for everyone, we hope that it offers some guidance in picking the right flowers for the recipient you have in mind.

If you need any further assistance deciding what flowers to gift, don’t hesitate to come see us in store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us on 09 357 6161.

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