Flowers and Plants for the Office
25th Jul 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

Flowers and Plants for the Office

Most of us spend a large chunk of our lives at the office. From problem-solving and designing, to researching, a lot goes on in the building that we call 'work'. How well we perform at work can often be influenced by our environment, so it's vital that we feel inspired by our office surroundings. A great way to improve this is by brightening up the space with some flowers and plants.

With our office flower and plant guide below, your workplace will be feeling fresh in no time.

What are the benefits of having flowers and plants in the office?

Whether you choose a vibrant tropical arrangement or a single enchanting orchid, flowers and plants will hugely enhance the interior of your workplace. These natural pops of colour will leave you feeling more satisfied with your environment, giving you that extra boost of motivation.

With nature being a scientifically proven way of relieving stress, being surrounded by plants or flowers in your office will also help you to remain calm when working.

In addition to their aesthetic and tranquil energy, plants can improve air quality. Their roots and leaves absorb several harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, leaving you with the good stuff to breathe in. Similarly, plants can absorb water in the air, which can help to reduce humidity. This, in combination with improved air quality, will ultimately help you and other co-workers from getting sick.

What flowers are best in an office environment?

With the simple addition of flowers to your office, you’ll soon be feeling inspired and ready to work. While almost any flower arrangement will look stunning on your desk, there’s some varieties that are more suited to the workplace.


Orchids are usually ideal for the office. Coming in a variety of colours, including pink, white and peach, they can be tailored to several different preferences. Their stunning petals however, are sensitive to direct sunlight, so avoid placing it too close to the window. Luckily the maintenance pretty much stops there, as they only need to be watered once or twice a week.

Peace lilies

Another flower you’ll typically find in the office is a peace lily. Their large green leaves and pretty white blooms will provide freshness to your working space. Even if your office frequently blasts the air-conditioning, don’t stress as peace lilies can tolerate the cold. Likewise, these plants can survive in low lights and only require watering once a month. While peace lilies may be seeming like the perfect option, they won’t be a safe choice if pets frequently visit the office, as they’re lethal to dogs and cats.


Although they’re not as low maintenance, potted gerbera daisies are a great way to sprinkle some cheer into the office. To care for these colourful flowers, they’ll need to be placed in a reasonably sunny position that won’t get too hot. You’ll also have to check the soil each day and water it as soon as the top layer feels dry.

Heliconia tropics

If you’re more into a modern look, heliconia tropics will undoubtedly spice up your space, with its unique shape making for a great table or desk feature.

What non-flowering plants are best in an office environment?

There’s no denying that flowers easily brighten up an office space, but if you’re after something more long-term and lower maintenance, you may want to opt for one of the non-flowering plants below.


If your office receives a lot of sunlight, aloe plants are an ideal pick. After you’ve found the right spot, these tough guys can go for weeks without water, so caring for it will be a breeze.


Similarly, Chinese evergreens and snake plants make for superb additions to the office as they only require water every few weeks. These lush green plants also both only need low levels of light to survive, so they’re perfect for darker workspaces.


Alternatively, if your office is more on the sunny side, you may want to opt for a dracaena plant. With its bushy tree appearance, you’ll be feeling fresh and recharged as you work beside it. In addition to medium light, this plant needs to be watered once a week.


Lastly, cacti are always a hit in the office. Their modern, interesting appearance acts as a fantastic interior piece while promoting freshness and clarity. These plants look adorable when potted in cute ceramic pots or placed in a glass terrarium. Regardless of how they’re potted, make sure they’re getting enough sun and are being watered at least once a week.

What is the best location for flowers and plants in the office?

As you can tell from above, different varieties of plants need different amounts of sunlight. Therefore, depending on the flower or plant that you choose the location will vary.

In addition to its light requirements, make sure to take into consideration its proximity to the air conditioner and if it’ll be accessible to water. With that in mind, and considering the plant’s size, you may want to place it on your desk, on a table, in an office corner, on a shelf, or in a window sill.

What to consider before buying flowers or plants for the office?

As eager as you may be to liven up your workspace, make sure to check that your new plant pal won’t be setting off any co-workers’ allergies. To avoid this, simply ask around to see if anyone has any issues and avoid highly fragrant flowers such as jasmine and lavender.

It’s also essential that you consider your ability to care for a plant before buying it.

If you’re likely to be travelling a lot or struggle to keep up with watering, picking a low maintenance plant is a much better option than a flower, such as an orchid, that requires frequent watering.

Unfortunately, with any plant, comes the possibility of insects such as mites. Although you may not be able to see the bugs themselves, you’ll see the damage to your plant. If you do find that your plant is being eaten, you’ll want to spray it with water before washing it with a soapy mixture.

Adding a funky terrarium or a simple orchid to an office can make a big difference. We hope that after reading this guide you’re able to take your working space to the next level.

If you need any further assistance deciding what flower or plant is best for your office, don’t hesitate to come see us in store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us 09 357 6161.

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