DIY Flower Crowns for Your Girl's Night Out
4th Sep 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

DIY Flower Crowns for Your Girl's Night Out

Whether you’re heading to a festival or want to glam up for the ball, wearing a flower crown can take your look to the next level. Rather than buying a generic piece from the store, why not make your own unique fashion accessory using our DIY flower crown guide below?

What do I need to make a flower crown?

Making a flower crown requires a few simple supplies. Before beginning this exciting DIY project, you’ll need the following items:

Floral wire or craft wire

wire is essential for the base of your crown. As you will need to measure this around your head, it’s usually best to get a roll, rather than pre-cut pieces.

Floral tape

Unlike regular tape, floral tape is specifically designed to hold stems in place without damaging them. The natural colouring also means that it can easily be blended into the flower crown.

Sharp scissors or floral wire cutters

To cut the tape, wires, and flowers, you’ll need very sharp scissors or floral wire cutters.

Flowers and greenery

Last but not least, you need to choose the flowers that will go on your crown. While these can be either fake or fresh, most people opt for fresh flowers to achieve the best aesthetic possible.

What flowers are the best to use in a flower crown?

With countless stunning varieties to choose from, knowing what flowers to use for your flower crown can be overwhelming. Although there isn’t exactly a right or wrong answer, some varieties are more suitable than others.

Frequently used flowers can be separated into three categories consisting of greenery, focal flowers, and filler flowers.


Most flower crowns use greenery as a base for their desired look. Options for greenery include:


The most popular choice for flower crown greenery is eucalyptus. Its earthy aesthetic is especially useful if you’re going for a bohemian look.

Olive branches

You may recognise these from the ancient greek olive wreaths. Not only are these leaves historically symbolic, but they also look great on a trendy flower crown.


This creeping woody plant is a go-to greenery option when making subtle flower crowns.

Italian Ruscus

It’s long, dark green leaves are ideal for creating a textured base for your crown.

Focal flowers

Focal flowers are usually the main feature of your crown. These can either be placed at the front, to the side or go the entire way around the wire. Popular focal flowers include:


With their unique shape and array of colours to choose from, orchids can add the perfect wow factor to your crown.


Roses are always an excellent choice for flower crowns. Depending on the colour of your outfit, you could pick a rose variety to match.

Spray Roses

While these may be smaller than standard roses, spray roses can also be a beautiful focal flower on your crown.


With a variety of vibrant peonies available, these flowers make a great addition to your crown.


Daises have an iconic yellow aesthetic that is perfect for creating a simple floral look.


For a textured, vibrant feature on your crown, dahlia’s are a great option.

Filler flowers

Small flowers, often referred to as “fillers” are then used to fill in any gaps in the crown. Common filler flowers include:

Wax Flowers

This flowering shrub has multiple blooms per stem, making it a fantastic, textured choice for a filler flower.


With small white or pale pink heads, yarrow is a great option that blends nicely with most flowers.

Baby's Breath

Often used in wedding bouquets and centrepieces, baby’s breath’s delicately stunning appearance is also ideal for flower crowns.


It’s rustic aesthetic and variety of colour choices makes it a popular filler on many flower crowns.


Also known as sea lavender, statice is an attractive filler option if you want to incorporate purple into your crown.


These bright, uniquely shaped flowers are a great addition to most designs.


Although ranunculus aren’t as small as the other varieties, these stunning bowl-shaped flowers are a great to place in any gaps.

How do you make a flower crown?

The process for creating a flower crown consists of four steps.

Step One:

Take the wire and wrap it around your head to establish the desired size of the crown. To be safe, it’s usually best to leave around 1.5cm extra before cutting. Once the wire is cut cut, secure a circle shape with floral tape.

If you’re planning on wearing the crown on a particular occasion, be sure to consider how you will be styling your hair as this may alter the required size of the crown. By measuring the wire with your hair in that particular style, you can be confident that it will fit.

Step Two:

Start sticking your chosen greenery to the floral wire using floral tape. Keep adding the greenery until the whole wire is covered.

Step Three:

Now it’s time to add your focal flowers to the crown. To do so, cut the flower stems to about 8cm long before sticking them on using the floral tape.

It’s usually best to wrap the tape around at least four times to ensure that it stays on. If the stems are too long, you can cut off the excess after they’re stuck down.

Step Four:

Depending on your design, you can then start adding filler flowers until you’re happy with the overall look.

How long will a flower crown last?

If you’ve opted for a beautiful fresh flower crown, these will generally only last two to four days. As a result, it’s typically best to make your flower crown the day you plan to wear it, or one day before.

That said, your flower crown is likely to last longer if you follow the tips below.

  • Once you’ve finished making your crown, it usually helps to spray it with hydration and protection spray to keep the flowers fresher for longer. If you don’t have a floral spray, you can try using a light layer of hair spray.
  • If you’re not wearing your crown straight away, it’s best to store it in the fridge. Doing so will help keep the flowers hydrated for longer.
  • If you need to make your flower crown in advance, it’s best to choose sturdy flowers such as spray roses or daisies. By using varieties that aren’t overly delicate, your crown is more likely to last longer.

What occasions are suitable to wear a flower crown?

While there are no limits to when you can wear your flower crown, they’re most frequently worn on the following occasions.


Festivals are a perfect opportunity for people to express themselves through their clothes and accessories. Accordingly, many festival-goers choose to spice up their look with a unique flower crown - particularly if they’re after a bohemian or hippie vibe.


Although it isn’t always easy to find a dress that stands out from the crowd, wearing a DIY flower crown can add that desired sprinkle of originality.


With their vibrant, aesthetic appearance, flower crowns surely stand out in photographs. Once the photos are shared, you’ll no doubt receive a bunch of eager questions asking where you got your stunning crown.


To make your wedding extra magical flower crowns are a perfect accessory. No matter what dress you’re wearing, there’s sure to be a floral combination to match.

If you aren't so handy with DIY, you can always buy a floral hair garland from Wild Poppies :)

We hope you’re now feeling inspired to make your own DIY flower crown. With a few simple supplies, your outfit will soon have the wow factor you’ve been looking for. If you need more help picking flowers, browse our website, see us in-store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland, or call us 09 357 6161. 

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