Buying Flowers for Him
1st Aug 2019 | Posted by Wild Poppies

Buying Flowers for Him

While females are historically known for loving jewellery, flowers, and perfume, it seems to be much harder deciding what to buy when the recipient is a male. With flowers being one of the most thoughtful gifts in the world, what’s there to say that a man won’t like them too?

Let’s broaden the list of male gift ideas by laying down the basics of how to buy flowers for him.

Why are flowers a good gift for a man?

It’s useful to remember that buying flowers for a man doesn’t necessarily mean gifting him a bright pink bouquet. Flowers come in hundreds of different colours and varieties, so there’s bound to be one that he likes. Whether it’s a bunch of tulips or a ceramic succulent, flowers and plants are an incredible way to show someone that you care.

Rather than buying him something you’ve already purchased before, he’ll certainly be surprised if you change it up with flowers. Likewise, the time and effort you put into picking the arrangement will be well appreciated.

In addition to putting a massive smile on the recipients face, flowers have an extremely aesthetic appearance. Instead of worrying that your present will be shoved in the back of his wardrobe, you can be pretty confident that he’ll get some good use out of it. Depending on the type of flower, he may want to display it on the dining table or place it on his desk at the office. This natural piece of décor will brighten up any room, improve the air quality as well as continuously remind him of you.

When should I give flowers to a man?

Flowers in general can be gifted on numerous occasions. If the recipient is a relatively shy person and doesn’t like attention, avoid gifting them in public or sending them to his work. Instead, he’ll likely enjoy the gift more if they’re sent or delivered in-person to his house.

A popular occasion for men to be gifted flowers is on their birthday. Regardless of whether the recipient is a romantic partner or a relative, flowers are an incredibly thoughtful gesture.

Similarly, you may want to celebrate his successes by congratulating him with a flower arrangement. From graduation to getting a promotion, flowers are a fantastic way to convey that you’re proud of their achievement.

This unique gift is also a perfect way to express thanks. Whether that’s acknowledging your dad for teaching you to drive or thanking your boyfriend for helping you paint a room, flowers will show that you appreciate their time.

Lastly, if the recipient is a boyfriend or romantic partner, Valentine’s Day and special anniversaries are a perfect excuse to gift him flowers. Nothing says I love you more than roses, right?

When shouldn't I give flowers to a man?

As much as flowers are a fantastic gift, don’t go giving a man a bouquet if he’s expressed he doesn’t like them. Just like with any gift, it should be unique to the individual.

We also suggest not gifting flowers to a romantic partner within the first few dates. This guideline is the same when gifting flowers to girls, as either way you don’t want to overwhelm them.

What kind of flowers should I buy for my boyfriend, husband, or partner?

As with any gift, you want the flowers to be specific to the recipient. If they have a favourite variety, the obvious choice is to go for that. Alternatively, you can personalise the gift by being symbolic with your selection. Each colour and variety has a different meaning, which means the arrangement you select can express more than you may think. 

For more information, read our article “The Meaning of Flowers and Their Colours”.

That said, red roses are the traditional symbol of love. If your boyfriend is an old school romantic, you could go for this classic option. You can also change it up with white roses which are linked more closely to charm and young love. Whatever rose you choose, make sure to avoid yellow roses as they convey friendship rather than romance. If you don’t think he’ll be a fan of roses, red tulips are another great way to show how much you love him.

For those more 'manly' boyfriends, you could choose to gift heliconia flowers or red anthuriums. Their evergreen foliage and smaller blooms make them appear more masculine than other varieties. Both arrangements would look great in his house or on his desk at the office. 

For more information, read our article “Flowers and Plants for the Office”.

Likewise, white orchids or lilies make for a great natural décor piece that holds a lot of meaning. Their simple elegance isn’t too overwhelming and emphasises the idea of remembrance.

What kind of flowers should I buy for a male friend?

With yellow being the floral colour of friendship, sunflowers or yellow tulips can be a great gift for a male friend. That said, you should carefully consider how the recipient will interrupt the gesture as you don’t want them viewing it as romantic.

What kind of flowers should I buy for a male relative?

Whether you’re buying a flower for your brother’s birthday or to celebrate Father’s Day, flowers and plants make for a great gift idea. 

For more information, read our article “Should I Buy Father’s Day Flowers?”.

Depending on the recipient, you may want to get a succulent rather than a standard bouquet. These plants are considered to have a more masculine appearance, plus don’t require much care.

Another great idea for a male relative is giving him a larger plant such as a fern. This present will be well appreciated if he enjoys gardening. Although the plant can initially be kept indoors, he can later repot it outside.

If the recipient is passionate about cooking, you could gift an assortment of herbs. This choice is both practical and aesthetic.

Should I include a message with my flowers?

Sending a message with your flowers is an excellent idea. Using a few simple words, you can add that extra personal touch and show how much you care.

At Wild Poppies, we can print, handwrite or type your message on one of our signature cards or a purchased speciality card. Just make sure to put your preference in the delivery instructions form field.

Here are some message ideas:

“Dear Dad,

Happy half a century! Fifty years young, they say.

Happy birthday."

- Love, Vicky

“To Jason,

Congrats on making the NZ rowing team.

I’m one proud sister."

- Love from Hayley

“To Tom,

Thanks for helping me move on the weekend.

It would have taken days without you."

- From Lisa

“Dear Nick,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I can’t imagine my life without you."

- Love, Mackenzie

"Dear James,

Happy fifth anniversary.

I still remember the day we met like it was yesterday."

- Love, Logan

Should I give any other gifts with my flowers?

A flower arrangement alone is enough to make any man feel appreciated, but that shouldn’t stop you going the extra mile by adding an additional gift.

Male gift ideas:

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not add his favourite food or a bottle of wine? From a decadent chocolate cakecheese box to a pack of MOA beer, this extra gift will make him one happy man. You can also feed his love for food by giving him a voucher to his favourite restaurant or by booking a wine tasting tour.

Other gifts he may enjoy are a subscription to a men’s magazine, new shoes, concert tickets, sports gear, a book or a new watch. Ultimately, what you choose should reflect his personality and interests, so try to keep that in mind when deciding what to buy. For more information, read our article “Buying Flowers for Different Personality Types”.

We hope this has given you the needed inspiration to pick the perfect flowers and gifts for your male recipient. If you have any questions see us in-store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us 09 357 6161.

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